Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching Course (Adobe Photoshop course)

“Level up your Image Retouching Skills”

Medium of Instructions: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Adobe Photoshop Course Overview:

It does not matter if you are a wedding/fashion photographer or a wildlife/nature photographer or Event photographer or fine art photographer, weather you are doing photography for a living or you are an amateur photographer who is taking its initial steps in the world of photography – if you want to give that professional and finished look to your photos then you cannot avoid Our Photo Retouching Courses in Ahmedabad.

Photo Retouching Courses In Ahmedabad Edits Academy 1Photo Retouching Courses In Ahmedabad Edits Academy

Photo Retouching Training will be done in “Non-Destructive” form of image retouching. That is to say that every element of photo editing will be done on a different layer so that you can pick and choose which element to keep and which one to remove in your final output. This will also give you deep understanding of the layer panel, which looks very basic but gets very complex when working with multiple layers.

Photo Retouching Course involves usage of most of the tools of Adobe Photoshop and that is what you will be taught in Photo Retouching Training. Special emphasis will be on all the Selection Tools, Clone tools, and Healing Tools. Apart from that in-depth teaching will be given on Masks – What it is, how to use them, inverts and how to use Brushes to hide and show layers.

Once you have completed the Photo Retouching course and have all the understanding of the tools and skills taught, then there is almost nothing that you cannot do in Adobe Photoshop as far as Image Retouching in concerned. You will be trained to Remove and Replace Skies, Remove and / or Replace objects, Change colours and or texture of particular objects etc.

Another important skill you will be taught as part of this Image Retouching course is Fashion Retouching and Portrait Retouching, otherwise also know Skin Retouching. You will be given in-depth understanding to how to work on skin, how to smoothen skin while retaining texture of it, how to give make up and gloss on the skin, how to even out the skin tones, how to remove flay away hairs, scars, pimples and acnes. The technique that will be used to teach this is called Frequency Separation Technique – this is the most non-destructive technique for Photo beauty retouching.

Photo Retouching Training Course is a must for Fashion and Portrait photographers. Wedding, street, wildlife, Fine Art photographers can take this photo retouching course to give photographs a finesse touch and make it look really professional. Again, for those who want to make a career in editing, this Photo Retouching course is a must.

Learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro from the best classes in Ahmedabad, Edits Academy. Our coaching branch can be easily reached from west and east region of Ahmedabad including Chandkheda, Sola, Motera, and Shilaj.

Course Detail

  • Understanding Tools
  • Selections (in detail)
  • Clone and Heal
  • RGB Channel
  • Masks (in detail)
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Selectively working with colors
  • Cloud Replacements
  • Object Removals
  • Basic Beauty Retouching
  • Advanced Beauty Retouching – Frequency Separation

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